The long road to a 46 second quarter and 1.46 half mile.

The long road to a 46 second quarter and 1.46 half mile.
'The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they, while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night.' (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow) or as Jed Bartlet said 'Toby, that's how I beat him!'

Saturday, 12 August 2017

13th August, 1971 Bonus Post

A Postcard From olde Meadowbank 

   13 august,1971  

 I did the week's messages down at the Store. 

On the way down I somehow managed to lose a quid-a flipping disaster. That's a week's wages from my job at Bairds Newsagents. Anyway, on the way back I retraced my footsteps and managed to find it-PHEW!
No Anne or Iain at home and Mum's away out, so I was in on my own at 6/2 and stayed in all evening and watched telly; for me it was a perfect evening. 

First of all at 6.20 pm the European Athletics Championships were on and Edinburgh's David Jenkins won the 400 metres. He ran absolutely brilliantly from the outside lane; he just took off like a bat out of hell, flying down the back straight and remained strong right to the end, just holding off the Italian. What an athlete he is. He's still only nineteen-that's only four years older than me. I think I can forget about any occasional dreams I might have about the running! 

He's a great sprinter, as was the Russian bloke who won the 200 metres, Valery Borzov from Russia-he's a machine!

After all that excitement I lolled back on the couch and watched The Virginian. It's a comforting sort of a programme; the music is braw; there's a nice wee contrast between the homeliness of the ranch and the family and the latest challenge faced by Trampas or the Virginian. The violence is tempered with a wee bit of humour and with John McIntyre in the series now, playing a good part as Clay Grainger-he's less tart than Lee J. Cobb's the Judge-all 'n all a consistently good series. Afterwards I watched It's A Knockout-what a flipping laugh-just a pity Iain wasn’t here to share the fun with! 

Tomorrow morning I'm doing Dougie Blades' paper run. Dougie's away trainspotting. I'll be selling all the different morning papers around the City Hospital wards. Pamela Baird must have confidence in me as it's the top job at the shop which must have around twenty paper runs. I've made the top of my profession aged only fifteen years old-at least temporarily!

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